Rules in Cloudflare are not set up to redirect the URL to your custom domain

Can anyone provide any troubleshooting on this?

Yes of course. We just need more information about what is not working exactly, how you have tried to set it up :slight_smile:


see attached screenshot. but I’m confused because I need to permanently redirect all traffic from to - this is our custom domain url.

Since mykajabi isn’t your domain, you won’t be able to set any redirections for ‘womenintheboardroom’ through your Cloudflare account. You would have to take care of that in Kajabi.

The ‘www’ subdomain is not proxied through Cloudflare, so that Page Rule won’t trigger. If you want the ‘www’ redirect, then your DNS record for ‘www’ needs to be :orange: Proxied. Click on the :grey: to change it.

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