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Hello, I end up with an SSL error with Cloudflare in wp-admin, I wonder if I did well: in the rules I put “” and not , is it possible that the error comes from there? you must write the “http://” before the domain name? Thank you in advance!!

You don’t need the scheme in front of the hostname. If none is used, it will apply to both http and https.

526 ssl error in/wp-admin non caching, is the site non caching in mode/wp-admin, so normally Cloudflare doesn’t have to retrieve the wp-admin part o

f the site and “block it”? Am I wrong? Thank you

526 means your server doen’t have a valid TLS/SSL certificate for your site. Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

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For a week there were no worries and suddenly the OVH provider said that its “SSL” will no longer be active because the DNS has been changed… and since then nothing. But I have SSL plug-ins so it should work. Meanwhile I changed the DNS to OVH to check the site, and now I gave it to Cloudflare. I will see after the migration of DNS to Cloudflare if it works again, thank you!!

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