Rules Forwarding URL not working

Go From :
Go To:$50hr*-&-sign-on-bonus**-automotive-technician-mechanic/5299fae5-2bb2-432f-af27-8f1aecb72ad8

Error message: Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004) & Replacement count does not match wildcard count

What should I do differently?

Can you post a screenshot of the Page Rule you’re trying to add?

From the looks of it, the destination URL has asterisks. If that’s truly the case, it will interfere with many services that parse URLs.

Ok what do you suggest based upon this screen shot.

It looks like it is working, but I would be very careful with your URLS. It is likely to get broken relatively easily, as it contains several characters that are not permitted in a URL.

You could try using this as the destination URL, which URLEncodes the special characters:

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I’d say the $5 in the URL (part of $50hr string) is causing it. The $ sign is used to replace wildcard matches so your destination URL is breaking things.

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And the &.
And the *.

URLs have a very limited character set (a-zA-Z0-9.-_~/, maybe a few more). Everything else should be % encoded.


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