Rules for MVP? (MVP related questions)

Hey, I’m wondering: What are the rules for being an MVP? I know I’m not allowed to be an MVP (due to suspensions, silencing, flagged posts) within the past 6 months! But I have the following questions:

1. Am I correct? Can someone NOT be an MVP if they have received flagged/hidden posts, or have been suspended or silenced within the past 6 months?

2. Can a user at TL2 receive MVP or do they have to be at least TL3 or higher?

3. Can I nominate more than 1 person at a time?

4. Are “Self-nominations” (nominating yourself) allowed?

5. IF I nominate someone, will I receive a reply (email and/or PM) about the decision on the nomination?

Those are all of the questions at the top of my head! If I have more at a later time (and this topic is still open) I’ll add them!

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There’s no hard & fast rules - but you generally have to be within good community standing, which rule infractions leading to suspensions wouldn’t really count as a good standing.

Chances are that a user would reach Trust Level 3 if they had the activity & standing to be an MVP already anyhow.

I’d suspect that a TL2 user hasn’t been in the community for long enough, or shown the right characteristics, to be an MVP - but that’s just my opinion.


I’d say it’s unlikely - if someone is a true ‘MVP’ for the Cloudflare community then they would have others nominating them anyhow.

No idea - but you’d see them either in a new post announcing the new MVPs or not which would give you the answer.

This post covers most of it:


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