Rule which should have data shows no data

Hi, people.
80% of my site traffic is from India, so this rule should have data, but it hasn’t had any data. Do I do anything wrong? Is the order of the rules causing the issue? Many thanks.

You might want to use “OR” instead of “AND” between the User-agents.

One Web browser has got one user-agent.

From the “Expression Preview” what I read, you setup your Firewall Rule like:
if request contains user-agent A and if request contains user-agent B → not possible.

You should group and split that if user-agent A and some other thing OR user-agent B and some other thing.

I am afraid this would never trigger like that.


Thank you very much. Does this mean this user agent must be a spam since it has multiple IP addresses and appears in different countries?

You have an exact match on the Referer. As the Referer will always contain the protocol, no request will ever match that expression, so the overall expression will never match a request.

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