Rule to Log All Australian IPs

Hi all

Trying to set up a Rule so that I can log every Australian IP visitor.

Reason: I am seeing a large number of unusual requests specifically from Australia & want to find out more.

They dont hit my server at all and are mitigated by CF, but I just want to see some info to get to the bottom of what is happening.

At the moment I have this in place but it is not logging anything

Can you look at the Firewall Overview and filter by country to see why these requests are being blocked?

It doesnt say they are being blocked at all, they get a 301 but I can only assume they get a cache and I dont see any info.

eg I see approx 400’000 301s from Australia, but zero page views.

How do you know they are getting a 301?

And what address does the 301 redirect them to?

@freitasm this is what I see for Australia in the past 24 hours:

The 301 should be redirecting somewhere - if it was on your domain you would see a similar number of 200 but it is not the case. Are you sure these 301 are redirecting to correct address?

Tried using a VPN to see what happens?

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I have a number of Australian site users who report nothing wrong & the site is all working normally.

Yet still I see the above in my dash.

I assumed it a http to https redirect, but then it just gets lost and never loads a page

Total mystery

Interesting. I still think the 301 is sending those to the wrong place. Also, your rule allows only /player - don’t they have to visit other pages?

If you send me a message with the domain I can VPN to AU and check if I am blocked.

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