Rule blocked even after put in allowed

Dear all,

I am experiencing following problem , even after I created rule -

(ip.src eq and http.request.method eq "POST" and http.request.uri.path eq "/index.php")

still after deploying it I have problem like in the following picture -

How this can be resolved so can completely whitelist some IP ?

Kind regards

You need to have the action as bypass rather than allow.


  • The scope of the Allow action is limited to firewall rules; matching requests are not exempt from action by other Cloudflare security products such as Bot Fight Mode, IP Access Rules, and WAF Managed Rules.
  • Matched requests will be mitigated if they are part of a DDoS attack.


  • Matching requests exempt from evaluation by a user-defined list containing one or more of the following Cloudflare security features:
    • User-agent Blocking
    • Browser Integrity Check
    • Hotlinking Protection
    • Security Level (IP Reputation)
    • Rate Limiting (previous version)
    • Zone Lockdown (PRO, BIZ, ENT)
    • WAF managed rules (previous version; PRO, BIZ, ENT)Notes:
    • Currently, you cannot bypass Bot Fight Mode or Super Bot Fight Mode. For more information on these products, refer to Cloudflare bot solutions.
    • You cannot bypass the new Cloudflare WAF, only its previous version (WAF managed rules).
  • Requests which match the Bypass action are still subject to evaluation (and thus a challenge or block) within Firewall Rules, based on the order of execution.
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