RUBMAPS - Happy endings - Prostitution

I have reason to believe Cloudflare is a parent company of Rubmaps (a company that offers a collection of massage businesses that offer sex acts). One of your clients, [] has added my business, Exhale Massage in North Carolina, to the website. Rubmaps is a review board that promotes a range of criminal activity, including prostitution and human sex trafficking. As such, the site is in violation of recently passed federal legislation making such promotional activity illegal in the U.S.:

Because of this listing, my massage therapists are now at risk for sexual harassment and abuse and/or being placed in a potentially dangerous situation by men who find my business through Further, does not have my permission to be included on their website. When emailed with requests for removal does not respond, and historically, when they do, they ask for proof of ownership for businesses in the form of a driver’s license, as well as a social security number, a violation of federal law in and of itself.

Can you please point me to a person or department to help me with this matter?
I have already filed an abuse complaint with Cloudflare.
As I am sure you can understand, this activity by is completely unacceptable. It is my intention to hold Cloudflare and responsible for any harm that comes to my employees or our clients from here forward.

Monique Kennedy

I am sorry, but your understanding is wrong here. There is no legal association whatsoever. The site simply uses Cloudflare’s services.

If you already submitted the abuse form, then that’s all you can do and you need to follow that up with the responsible team. I would advise to seek out legal advice if you like to pursue legal action, which is probably best here.

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