RTMP Not connecting to stream server

Having issues when connecting to RTMP Stream server, says "Failed to connect to the streaming server in OBS, can stream to any other platform just fine.

I’m having this same issue. I can stream from OBS to other RTMP connections (like youtube live), but am unable to connect to my Cloudflare Stream Live Input using the Live Input server and key provided. OBS immediately says “Failed to connect to server. The RTMP server sent an invalid SSL certificate.”

Is this the same error you’re getting? I’d love any help w this. Thanks in advance!

Here is a snippet from my OBS log.

[obs-websocket] [WebSocketServer::onObsLoaded] WebSocket server is enabled, starting…
17:09:35.642: [obs-websocket] [WebSocketServer::Start] Not locked to IPv4 bindings
17:09:35.643: [obs-websocket] [WebSocketServer::ServerRunner] IO thread started.
17:09:35.645: [obs-websocket] [WebSocketServer::Start] Server started successfully on port 4455. Possible connect address: fd68:ca41:e4ab:1:495:4803:f0e0:22f9
17:09:35.928: [mac-virtualcam] macOS Camera Extension activated successfully.
17:09:39.751: ---------------------------------
17:09:39.751: [x264 encoder: ‘advanced_video_stream’] preset: faster
17:09:39.751: [x264 encoder: ‘advanced_video_stream’] profile: main
17:09:39.752: [x264 encoder: ‘advanced_video_stream’] settings:
17:09:39.752: rate_control: VBR
17:09:39.752: bitrate: 6000
17:09:39.752: buffer size: 6000
17:09:39.752: crf: 23
17:09:39.752: fps_num: 24000
17:09:39.752: fps_den: 1001
17:09:39.752: width: 1920
17:09:39.752: height: 1080
17:09:39.752: keyint: 47
17:09:39.767: [CoreAudio AAC: ‘adv_stream_audio’]: settings:
17:09:39.767: mode: AAC
17:09:39.767: bitrate: 192
17:09:39.767: sample rate: 48000
17:09:39.767: cbr: on
17:09:39.767: output buffer: 1536
17:09:39.767: [rtmp stream: ‘adv_stream’] Connecting to RTMP URL rtmps://live.cloudflare.com:443/live/…
17:09:39.839: RTMP_Connect1, Cert verify failed: 8 (The certificate is not correctly signed by the trusted CA)
17:09:39.840: [rtmp stream: ‘adv_stream’] Connection to rtmps://live.cloudflare.com:443/live/ failed: -2
17:09:39.840: ==== Streaming Stop ================================================

Don’t be mistaken OBS Studio for Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio I can connect fine.
I don’t have a SSL Certificate issue, OBS Studio works just fine, Streamlabs OBS refuses to connect, which makes no sense.

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Yeah I use OBS Studio as well (not Streamlabs). I’ve never been able to get OBS Studio to connect to Stream’s RTMP connection even tho I can connect to many other services. It’s a real bummer. Thank you for your reply tho!

So you can connect with OBS Studio, but can’t connect to with Streamlabs? Are you able to stream directly from say a device live an encoder? I’d like to connect with a Ninja V with a connect module, but “Stream” denies the connection.
The “ONLY” way I can connect with with OBS Studio, and im not going to have that luxury most of the time.

After some troubleshooting it turns out the issue for me was caused by OBS Studio v30 (beta). When I downgraded to the latest non-beta (v29.x.x) the issue resolved immediately and is now working!