RSS Pull Request being blocked although server IP is whitelisted

I have two sites, all hosted on the same dedicated server. Site B is unable to pull RSS feeds from Site A because the request is being blocked by Cloudflare ( Bot Fight Mode ). I have whitelisted the hostname and IP in the firewalls Cloudflare provides but that did not work. I paused Cloudflare on the site to check if that will work but it didn’t.

The Ray ID = 73c95d300b486ffb

The only solution is for me to Allow even unidentified bots by changing the setting to Allow. I do not want to leave the Bot Setting to Allow and will be happy to know what exactly is causing the request to be blocked and how to allow SITE B requests.

I have the same issue. google news wont pull the article since 4 days ago.

try the fetchrss and it says “need review the security of your connection before proceeding”

Ray ID: 73ca06bdffcd9b3f

If the request is being blocked by Bot Fight Mode, the only way around it is whitelisting the originating IP in IP Access Rules.

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Where do I find IP Access Rules

Security → WAF → Tools

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