RSS feed not updating

I just got cloudflare 24 hours ago, and since then, my rss feed hasn’t been updated. Before cloudflare, any new post would be immediately updated onto my rss feed, but now, I’m still seeing posts from yesterday. I’ve tried clearing cache and setting page rules to bypass the cache on my rss feed, but feed validators still show old posts on my latest updates.

Latest Chapters: SPM chapter 14
Last seen post on rss feed: SPM Chapter 12

I’ve contacted hosting support and they are also not sure what they can do. I think it might be a cache problem seeing as how validators and myself are not seeing the latest posts. Please help, my site depends on bots that will grab latest posts to be shared on other platforms

Cloudflare is not caching that URL, but I see it has a Max Cache age of 24 hours (86400) and an Age of 84979 (soon). Do you know what x-endurance-cache-level means? Is there some other cache you have on the server?

Hi, thank you. There is a build in cache for the theeme I’m using. But before using cloudflare, the cache was working beautifully. i don’t really know what endurance cache level means. Is there any way to fix this?

Not quite sure how to change the max-age. I’ve disabled the other cache, and installed cloudflare’s plugin and set it to purge everything on update but there’s still no updates to the rss feed.

I think the endurance cache is Wordpress’s built-in cache function. I’ve turned it off to see if it helps

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