RSS Feed Issue Since APO

I’m having problems with my RSS feed not showing up in Browsers, and Feedburner is now unable to validate or resync it.

This problem has come about since activating APO.

I’ve checked a few RSS validators and they all say the feed url : is a webpage; not an actual feed.

If you view page source of the blank page you can see it’s just a few lines, so something is causing it to glitch.

If I put CF into Development Mode then the feed url starts to work.

Ive created some firewall rules to allow the feed URL and also various feed websites, but still no success.

I saw a previous thread on this very problem that is now closed: Cloudflare APO : RSS Feed issue but it gave me the impression it had been resolved.

So wondered why I’m having the same problem?

Many thanks

Did you resolve the issue? If not you can bypass APO caching via Page rule to bypass cache on the page.

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