RSS API access by email vendor

We’re having trouble updating the feed url in our CRM system because apparently our marketing mail service (Click Dimensions) cannot connect to the RSS API on our site. They provided a couple of IP addresses from which the services will be initiating connections and I’ve created a couple of firewall rules to whitelist traffic from these addresses but doing so has not resolved the original issue.

Is there another place where these addresses should be white listed in order to allow the vendor’s services to connect?

Please let me know if you need more info to properly advise.


So your page is behind Cloudflare and that mail service has difficulties connecting because of Cloudflare’s security, right?

Whitelisting should usually do the trick. Which error message do they get?

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Are they able to provide any information about the error they are receiving or logs associated with the request when they call your API?


thank you sandro and olivergrant. i’m still awaiting the vendor to provide the exact error message, but i’ve been told it is something to the effect: “It is forbidden to access the RSS via API”.

This error prevents us from updating the RSS feed url in our CRM system which is internally hosted, but uses a plugin for our email vendor such that page on which the RSS url is entered is actually hosted at the email vendor’s location. The value we’re attempting to enter, references a RSS url on our hosted site, Its a bit confusing, hope that makes sense.

We have a ticket open with the email vendor trying to get more info on the nature of the error. Will forward that on when available.

Thanks much.

It is not quite clear what that is supposed to mean. RSS is specifically designed to be accessed via automated systems.

Have you tried whitelisting the IP address of your mail service?

Yes, I created two rules under the IP Firewall section on our Cloudflare account in an attempt to whitelist the IP addresses the vendor indicated their services use, but the error still occurs.

Whats the error in the first place? Does it list anything in the firewall events?

Nothing listed in firewall events for the provided ip addresses.

But whats the error?

the error displayed on the UI when attempting to enter the url is: “invalid url,” but teh url is not invalid. Here’s an example:

Correction. The error displayed in the ui is: “invalid RSS url”

Would you have a screenshot of that error? But thats most likely not a Cloudflare error. My best guess would be the software does not accept the URL because it does not have an .rss extension, which is quite irrelevant, but if it is checks for it, it will fail. But thats just a guess of course.

this error appears after adjusting the value in the RSS Feed URL field and clicking Next


and check if it might be the extension.

thanks sandro. Neither of those worked.

In that case I would contact support of your mail service and enquire why that fails and what the message exactly means.

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