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@prayag.verma raises an interesting point that begs the question: is this just related to Australia / India regions or are there limitations placed on number of data centers utilized for folks using the Free plan?

i.e. lists “Global CDN” as a feature, but that bullet point is ambiguous (could mean just n% of data centers out of the 118). The feature matrix at lists CDN as all plans being equal. Based on the information in this thread that doesn’t really seem like the case…?

I’m not trying to be cynical, just curious if there’s more information re: definition of “Global CDN” as it relates to Free vs. Paid plans.

I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ - and so far I’m paying zero and getting a lot - so thanks Cloudflare for that! However, perhaps more transparent indication to users that they’re not really getting everything out of Cloudflare on the Free plan is one (maybe rather nefarious) method of upselling…? I’m under the impression CDN is one of the top 3 reasons folks sign up for Cloudflare.

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At the moment I don’t believe Argo alone changes the available POPs though this is an action/feature which is actively under discussion.

@andy I don’t disagree that it would be nice to have more insight into colos per plan, but that is somewhat of a moving target at the moment. It is feedback that I have passed on to several teams.

That being said I really can’t overstate how much effort is being made into both increasing the number of colos in these regions (and making new peering connections along with it) and increasing throughput and capacity in the existing colos. Our network expansion team updates us internally on a regular basis and I’ve sort of become numb to the staggering improvements they’ve made since I joined. I’ve been working in the SaaS field for 17+ years now and seriously the scale and speed which our team works at on improving and expanding the network is orders of magnitude beyond any company/ group I’ve ever worked with.

If you read about our latest POP brought online this week they mention ‘at least 10 others planned’ in the same region. I believe our plans in the regions we’ve been discussing here are at least as aggressive.

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Sorry if I came off as crass - I do appreciate the rate of colo expansion Cloudflare is maintaining. It’s actually quite impressive to follow the blog and see a new one being brought online every few months or so. The effort required to ‘spin up’ a new datacenter is not lost on me, so rate of expansion is very cool, and solidifies the notion that Cloudflare intends to continue to make the internet better and faster for all :rocket:

No not crass at all. I am entirely sympathetic to your request. I lack a decent mapping even internally (in part because it’s in flux so often) so I share your pain. I hope it becomes a non-issue in the very near future through expansion because we currently don’t do a good job of presenting the lay of the land.


How about a table of country and percentage of traffic affected? And a note that it’s subject to change frequently?

Something like that could hopefully be autogenerated from your analytics, and it may not be too telling.

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It’s mid 2018 and still Free plan users are not benefited with serving from any of the 3 Cloudflare’s Indian POPs. Still my site is served from LHR (London) which is 7400KMS or 4500 miles away when requested from any Indian location :frowning:

I’ve read through the above discussion that Indian POPs are offered to paid plan users. But how about Cloudflare serving content to Indian users (on free plan) from either:

Only 1 Indian location out of the 3
Or a nearest POP to India like: Singapore (SIN) or Hong Kong?

In the both the above scenarios the latency will be dramatically reduced and its better than serving from London!


@cs-cf just mentioned in this post that all POPs are now available to all plans:

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Good news: We no longer have the limitations I described previously (as I said at the time, things are/were in flux). At this point all colos (except China POPs) are are available on all plans. Specific connections are based on the peering decisions by individual network providers.


So…I think this means that theoretically, all visitors are routed through the fastest datacenter.

Both those countries are areas where we’re investing heavily in bringing up new infrastructure as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for more details. :slight_smile:

Telco peering is rarely that rational. :smiley:

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probably time for a new CF Blog article update on the situation to clarify matters :slight_smile:

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I am now having a problem with my site that is hosted in Brazil and the accesses from Brazil are coming from Cloudflare USA and the site has been much slower

Brother, thank you for the reply, I am from India and i have installed an extension in my google chrome browser name “Claire” it helps me to see which POP is getting used to route me. My server is in India and me too, But i am getting POP’s from Singapore.

I will ask few of my clients tomorrow and update/reply in this ticket. I will ask them to check that from where they are getting POP’s/Routed. I mean if they are from Sydney, Australia then are they getting routed from Sydney, Australia or Hong Kong or Singapore.

Thank you once again for helping us out in this community forms/tickets.

The strange thing is I am a business plan user even I get routed through SIN in india. So the paid plan theory doesn’t work here.

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Also see this status report -

may i know one of your website domain name that has orange cloud active?

Hi, I’m on a Pro plan with an Australian site, my traffic still seems to be routing via SIN and LAX, can you please advise. (I’ve checked this from both Telstra and Optus connections)

I am new to community. I would like to tell you this info in private message.

Bandwidth in Australia is expensive for Cloudflare, you can only use their Australian PoPs if you are on Business or Enterprise plan. You can complain about that to Australian ISPs, AFAIK Cloudflare can’t do anything about that until they have more affordable bandwidth from locla ISPs.