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I am a new Cloudflare user and i am try to host my website. I found the problem about lantency, if i running my program in locally it response time average 30 - 50 ms , when i test in production using cloudflare the response time is 400 - 700 ms.
After I check it turns out I just learned that cloudflare directs me to the USA region. Is there a solution if I want to replace it with the Singapore region ?


Free plans get lower priority in busy datacenters, and it looks like the SIN datacenter has been pretty busy for the past month. Give this a tool a test to see which plans are using closer datacenters:

Thanks for your information, i already check and the most low latency in PRO plans . Is that means when i upgraded to pro the datacenter change to SIN ?

means more likely to end up in SIN. The higher the CF paid plan, the more likely you are i.e. Enterprise is definitely and Business more so for Australia/Singapore and Pro for Australia. For India need Business or higher.

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