Routing to Port 8443 Results in 400 Bad Request

I have an esxi server behind a UniFi dream machine. On that esxi are 3 separate Virtual Machines (web hosting).

I have my primary site setup on VM1 and traffic coming from 443 gets redirected with a port forwarding rule.

I have my secondary site setup on VM2 and forwarding traffic on port 4430 to the ip address of that VM, but I’m getting a 400 Bad Request when trying to reach it.

I’m relying on the information in this article.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?


Is it using HTTP/S?

If so, does it work if you :grey: DNS Only that hostname (bypass the Proxy)?

Yes that gets me into my environment now (it’s just routing to the wrong VM/webpage) which is strange.

I am forwarding port 8443 but traffic to the site is heading over to another VM which is on 443.

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