Routing to ipv6 email address


I cannot route emails to [email protected]
I cannot sign-up to cloudflare with [email protected]

Most possible reason is is over a ipv6 address

I can send receive emails from gmail, outlook, yandex etc. but not received verification or sign-up emails from cloudflare.

Please look into it.


You appear to be trying to use Cloudflare Email Routing to deliver to a destination subdomain of the domain you are trying to forward. That may be the issue, but I don’t know. It seems to me that it would be a lot easier and reliable to use MX routing instead of forwarding and simply create the desired email addresses on your mailserver.

Cloudflare prefers IPv6, so that is unlikely to be the reason.

Maybe someone else who has done more experimentation with Cloudflare Email Routing will have some ideas for you.

You will want to fix your invalid SPF. It exceeds the maximum 10 DNS lookup limit.

Technically, you should be able to.

It would just require a little bit from you, before that can happen.

Cloudflare Email Routing is using both IPv6 and IPv4, both on the MX side as well as for outbound connections.

However, -

  1. Account sign-ups

  2. Email Routing verifications
    (Mandatory destination address verification before Email Routing can be activated)

The deliveries of those two, are handled by an external provider, that is completely separate from the Email Routing product.

That is likely the issue you see, because that external provider does not run with IPv6.

In fact, I’m afraid that the majority (if not all) of those external email providers would still, even in 2024, be operating IPv4-only.

Set up IPv4 temporarily, and then make the verification, and then disable IPv4 once completed.


Sed life :cry: :sob: :cry: :sob:
IPv6 only VPS are hot and cheap.