Routing problems

At the moment we’re experiencing routing problems between ( server and Cloudflare, and some customers do not have access to the service. Problem persists for a week+ already…

Tracert results from monitoring service:
Tracing route to
hop no - node ip - ms
1 → ms)
2 → ms)
3 → ms) Request timed out
4 → ms) Request timed out
5 → ms) Request timed out

Checked from:

Are you still experiencing it?

The listed IP address appears to be a Hetzner Cloud server in Finland.

If I am running traces from Hetzner in Finland, I am able to reach just fine…

These two appear to be DigitalOcean, New Jersey, US and DIgitalOcean Singapore.

From those two locations, I am also able to reach just fine.

Within Limestone Networks, I’m not seeing any traceroutes in the exact same region as the IP address appears to be in (Texas, United States).

From Limestone Networks in Utah though, I am also able to reach just fine.

This trace route appears to be starting within Limestone Networks, but it also ends within Limestone Networks.

I would therefore suggest you to bring up the problem with Limestone Networks.

Also various other locations globally (that aren’t listed above), I still see the same pattern - that is actually reachable, so I would look for the problem within your server provider(s) network(s), assuming that you’re still experiencing issues.

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Can you try tracert from those regions ?

All pings and traceroutes seems to be going through, regardless from where.

To be able to dig any further, you would need information from those customers that are seeing issues:

  1. What ISP / provider, preferably their AS number?
    The AS number can be found here:
  1. What country (and preferably state/region)?

This information (especially the AS number) would be essential for Cloudflare (and/or any other network) in order to be able to dig further in to such issues.