Routing of *.localhost unexpected benifi

Hey, guys just want to say thanks for forwarding all subdomains fo localhost to localhost.

Makes my mass virtual hosting set up a lot easier now that I don’t need to run a custom DNS service anymore.

Been relying on this for almost a year now and its so good for easy dev setup.

Not sure if this was intentional or not but I love the fact I can set my DNS to and have unlimited subdomains on localhost and have all my test websites running at the same time and compare them side by side or even have them communicate with each other.

So aside from thanks, wanted to also ask. Was this intentional? And how exactly are you doing, meaning are there any implications with me relying on this, will it stay, this what’s involved, can my post data on my test sites leak to the outside world at all?

Yes, this is intentional.

See and wpad.localhost

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