Routing Issues Portugal send to Israel

Users in Portugal :portugal: are connect to Israel :israel: that’s ~2500km
There plenty of closer Cloudflare colos closer.
It is way off the normal operation.
Anyone seeing this behaviour?


Was this a one-off thing or can you consistently reproduce that? If this was not a temporary glitch I’d definitely open a support ticket and have them check that routing.

Can you share the domain in question?

Seeing this across many domains, started at ~01:00 UTC today:

IPv6 maybe? Can you switch to v4 on that connection?

Though that is a slightly weird IPv6 address, but I guess that will be an output glitch of Cloudflare -> @cloonan

Seems to be 2001:8a0::7b5, part of AS 3243.

This routing issue continues:
Basically, IPv6 2001:8a0:: in PT are all routed to TLV

@cloonan do you have feedback on this?

After digging Cloudflare workers logs, users in GB, HU, PT were affected, and all IPv6.
This information is now with Cloudflare Network team

Perfect, thank you. I see the ticket, made some notes from this thread and cc’d myself on it.

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