Routing Issue with Cloudflare Spectrum IP in Taiwan

There is a routing issue that I and many other users in Taiwan are experiencing when trying to connect to Cloudflare Spectrum IP. It is not only affecting The issue seems to be affecting the IP subnet ( -, while IPs outside of that range are not affected.

When we try to ping or traceroute, we can see that we are being routed to the Japan Tokyo ( NRT ) Datacenter instead of the closest Taiwan Taipei ( TPE ) Datacenter. This issue is not only affecting normal users using local ISPs, but also premium business or enterprise networks such as Google Cloud Platform.

Cloudflare Warp / Warp+ is operational in Taiwan and showing TPE in the colocation datacenter field.
Cloudflare DNS and are also operational and routed to the closest TPE Datacenter.

Some result on affected IP ( and non-affected IP (
Use to ping
Use to ping