Routing Internal DNS to Site on CloudFlare

Unfortunately, my website and windows domain have the same names. We just went live with CloudFlare imaging last night for our site and I was getting a 404 on all of our images. I took the IP of our site from when I pinged it, created a forward lookup zone for domain, and it’s working now.

But of course, that IP could change. Any idea how I should point my internal DNS to my site?

You can cname domain to

Can you DM me so I can send you a screen shot, this doesn’t look right.

Understanding a CNAME Setup – Cloudflare Help Center

Edit the corresponding CNAME record in your authoritative DNS to append to the hostname.

For example, when configuring on a CNAME setup with Cloudflare, the CNAME record in authoritative DNS would need to point to CNAME

With split brain DNS you are effectively running 2 authoritative DNS instances, so in your internal DNS to point to Cloudflare you’d use the method described above.

Like this? EDIT: Removed image

The first field (alias) should probably be just www

I am getting this error

Shared with CloudApp

You’ll need to remove the existing www and replace it with this one.

Thanks, scarry stuff. Wish me luck.

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