Routing Anomalies per country?

When one goes to:
one can see BGP route leaks or BGP Origin Hijacks but on a global basis. I want to see each of those categories but only for my country (IL). I can click on any ASN to see the specific BGP route leaks and origin hijacks for that specific ASN but I can’t get a table of those 2 items per country.

Selecting a specific country like:
doesn’t provide BGP route leaks or BGP Origin Hijacks details for that country.

So what am I missing to get this valuable data on a per country basis?

Hey @hnussbacher, thank you for submitting the feedback! Our developer APIs, which we use to build the routing page, currently do not support filtering route leak and hijack events based on country yet, and thus we do not have these tables displayed on the country’s routing page. We understand that this is a very useful feature and we are planning to implement this feature soon. If you have additional features you would like to see on Cloudflare Radar, please feel free to message us here.

FYI, the current API docs: