Routing and Local POPs


Our site server is located in Australia.

In the last week or so, I’ve noticed that our traffic is now being routed through Singapore (Colo=SIN).

Is there a way to force the routing to go through the Sydney, Australia POP??


You cant force it. There were restrictions as to which datacentres could be used based on which plan you are having, but these were presumably lifted however some, e.g. Australia, still seem to be in place.

Cloudflare’s support might be able to provide you with an official statement on this topic.

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Hi Sandro,

So do you have to be on the Business Plan to get routed to the closest POP? (I think we’re currently on Pro)

Options like Argo or Load Balancing won’t help?


The information on this is a bit foggy, technically there shouldnt be restrictions anymore but obviously there still are.

Argo and LB wont help you as it the users who are routed outside the country.

Again, I’d clarify it with support. That might not necessarily lead to a precise answer either but at least you’d have something official.

I can only recommend you to check against big cloudflare sites that probably using enterprise plan, if in this sites you still routes through singapore its probably not something you can solve with different plan

test this sites:

Actually just made this - see if you get different results for each level of CF service.



Could you have any political ambitions we dont know about? :slight_smile:

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