Routing /24 network


I am new with Cloudflare products, I am planning to replace the existing VPN that has local client installation to enable user(s) from remote to access corporate applications securely .
I read some notes regarding the Access and Argo service, but I found out it will run per application/services.
I need a solution that will connect my remote users securely .
Once authenticated via cloudflare access or similar, can access securely all application under my servers ( let say private /24)…


No; Cloudflare Access does not replace your VPN with its own VPN, it instead provides an easy path for you to transition your security structure to zero-trust security

This does mean you need to transition your Internal services to being on a subdomain (either via DNS or Argo Tunnel) and set up CF Access policies per-subdomain.

Hi, Thank you,
its really enlighten …