Route traffic to CF & Google analytics

we want to server our webshop through CF. -> we have a DNS record pointing the the respective IP:
sub 300 IN A 153.XX.XX.XX

Now, we wanted to move that traffic routed through CF:
sub 300 IN CNAME

Unfortunately that did not work as already we have a TXT entry for that:
sub IN TXT “google-site-verification=XXXX”

What is the correct approach to get this fixed? Fo we need another verification method for GA? Or move it to CF?



Hi Sandro,
currently we hav the traffic for our shop url not going through CF. Now we want to let the traffic going through CF to leverage some CF features. Yesterday we wanted to change it but it did not work because of that google analytics TXT entry.
I’m not 100% sure, what would be the right setup… I the end we want to deliver the whole page throught CF, e.g. “”.



That is exactly what we wanted to do but the step “set up the DNS records according to your hosts” failed because there was an entry for google analytics.
shop IN TXT “google-site-verification=XXXXX”
And I am not 100% sure if this is needed. How would the new/correct entry look like?

This: [quote=“fionn.ziegler, post:3, topic:44340”]

How can we do that? with a cname entry right?

No, CNAMEs are not involved at all. You need to change the nameservers at your registrar.

Check out

We receive an error when we try to add the cname entry to use CF.

it seems does not allow both CNAME & TXT records at the same time. Is there something we’re missing here?

thanks for you patient sandro & sorry if a miss something here! We did that for already:

Now we want to activate to go over CF:

We think we have to do it with a cname entry, is that not correct?
New: shop 300 IN CNAME
Old: shop 300 IN A

If we try to save that it does not work with the error above, because there is a txt record already… We use CF with a CNAME setup, probably that is the problem.

that does not work with that TXT entry for google. When we apply that change to our nameserver we get the error above.
So, yep indeed circles :slight_smile:

Yes, the RFCs for DNS do not allow for other entries to exist for a CNAME entry in DNS. SO you would need to remove the TXT record. I don’t think it’s required you retain the TXT record after Google validation is complete.

Hm if we can remove that line simply that would be great. But we need to ensure that this google search console does not stop working after we do that. I could not find a respective comment in their documentation. Do you have an idea how we can find out if we need that or not? Thanks!

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