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I am located in Sydney, Australia and my web server runs on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instance in the Sydney region. I moved my domain to Cloudflare yesterday.

When I browse to this URL (, I find that traffic is currently being routed to Singapore instead of Cloudflare’s datacenter in Sydney. I did replace “” with my domain.

Is this normal? I understand Cloudflare’s network is Anycast.

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What plan level are you on? Free I would imagine?

In the free plan not all POPs are available, especially in Australia since the bandwidth pricing is insane.

Not extremely up-to-date but:

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I am on the free plan to start off. It makes sense why traffic is routed to SIN. Yes bandwidth costs in AU are expensive.

There are times where the Australian POPs are used, but it’s rare. Try doing the same on Cloudflare’s company website, that uses all of them obviously.

I can’t confirm if the Pro plan solves this or you need to go to the Business one (which solves it for sure).

PS: happy birthday? :grin:

Thanks. Will look into it. The website is only a personal one so not a big deal.

Yes it’s my birthday today and thanks for the wishes :slight_smile:

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