Route to China in Pro Plan is worse than Free Plan


I Traceroute My website’s Pro Plan and others’ Free Plan.
Through in the same time, find average.

China Telecom - ChinaNet (Worst: Chengdu - Loss 41%, Ping 194.42)
China Unicom - China169>Cogent174 (Worst: Jiangsu - Loss 40.3%, Ping 183.84)
China Mobile - CMNET>CMI-INT-HK (Worst: Jiangsu - Loss 33.7%, Ping 146.41)

China Telecom - ChinaNet (Worst: Shenzhen - Loss 33.3%, Ping 164.44)
China Unicom - China169>GTT (Worst: Lishui - Loss 30.8%, Ping 222.57)
China Mobile - CMNET>CMI-INT-HK>NTT2914 (Worst: Jiangsu - Loss 20.8%, Ping 200.4)

Although the Ping for CU/CM in Pro is better than Free, but the Loss is more.
Why is paid Pro even worse than Free plan?

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