Route the traffic via Cloudflare while SSL certificate already exists on the origin

One of the servers does not allow installing custom SSL certificates on the origin. Surprisingly, they only allow purchasing a certificate from their portal. Consequently, when I route the traffic via Cloudflare and activate end-to-end encryption, I will get the certificate error thing in the browser.

Will the Full SSL encryption mode do the job in this case without giving a certificate error in the browser?


What does that actually mean? As long as the certificate they sell is valid you won’t get any error and if it is not valid, they should neither sell nor issue it.

You really need a valid certificate on your server, otherwise SSL won’t work or will be broken and insecure at best.

Assuming this is the full story it might be best in your case to switch to a host which allows you to configure a proper and secure SSL environment.

Once you have your certificate in place, make sure your SSL mode is “Full strict”.

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