Route propagation issues?

I’m on a residential Verizon Fios connection in Massachusetts (AS701). Typically, I hit EWR, and when I don’t, EWR shows are rerouted on the Cloudflare status page.

Today, I noticed that for one particular site,, I’m hitting IAD instead of EWR. I checked a bunch of other sites, such as,, and, and found that I was hitting EWR on all of them.

I checked the logs for and found that traffic from EWR dropped abruptly on 2020-04-20: saw a brief drop in traffic from EWR, but it recovered: resolves to and for me, while the other domains resolve to different IP addresses. I assume that if I could check traffic to other domains that use and, I’d see the same issue.

I was also hitting IAD for a while, instead of PIT. Granted, Mass is a long distance further than my location is to IAD. However, there may have been an issue with routing.

Almost nobody visiting those particular IP addresses is hitting EWR at the moment, and it’s been that way for almost exactly a month. (Most?) other IP addresses are unaffected. It’s normal to be rerouted temporarily, but that duration is unusual, and it’s unusual for it to affect a minority of IP addresses.

It lasted a month + for me.

I don’t think it’s intentional in this case. Keep in mind, other sites aren’t affected. If I go to, I hit EWR. It’s only that’s hitting IAD.

I’m referring to my own sites on a Pro Plan.

I’ve opened support ticket 1892393 for this issue.

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