Route ports to PC using Cloudflare (not web app)

I cannot use port forwarding to my PC and need an alternate method.
I have a control application that needs to have a specific set of ports routed to it.
Can I use Cloudflare to route ports sent to my domain name to my Windows PC (data traffic is using UDP)?
The Cloudflare documentation talks about sending UDP data to non-web apps but seems incomplete and is very confusing.
If possible, where can I get detailed instructions?
If not, do you know of another service that can do this?
I have set up the tunnel from my PC, defined it as a network, and created a CNAME entry attaching a subdomain name to it. Something is still missing. And somewhere I checked a box allowing UDP, but I cannot remember where.

The only way you can currently route UDP Traffic over a Cloudflare Tunnel is by using Private Networking

You would need each connecting client/device to install and run WARP though.

Cloudflare Spectrum is Cloudflare’s TCP/UDP Reverse Proxy but it has no special integration with Tunnels that I know of and is not cheap, you would need Enterprise for custom ports.

As for alternatives, if you have the requirement of being behind something like CGNAT or otherwise being unable to port forward at all, you’d need to have something that was outbound like Tunnels are. I’m not aware of any generic service like that myself that would be easy to setup or that I would recommend.

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