Route pattern must include zone name:

I followed this tutorial to create a worker with a demo Reactjs website

I then bought a domain and added it to cloudflare. I would like to know what DNS records I will need to add in order to get the new DNS instead of https://****

You need whatever hostname that Worker runs under. For example, I have I also have a DNS entry for, and it points to (this is a good dummy address to use), and set it to :orange: so it’s proxied and can support the Worker.

My Route would be* (or you can be more specific).

If I want to run the worker in a subdomain of mine, I add a hostname of “sub” (don’t include the rest of your domain name. Then use the same dummy IP address as above and set it to :orange:. Then my Worker route would be* (or you can be more specific).

That should do it.

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The worker is on a ** domain. Is that what you mean by “You need whatever hostname that Worker runs under.”???

Nope. You wanted to run the Worker on a Route in your own domain. That will need a proxied hostname in your DNS list.

Thanks. I found the problem, the Route was prefilled with a placholder text, and I thought it was real text, so in fact the Route was an empty string, hence the error “Route pattern must include zone name:” :smiley:

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