Route matching override

Hello, I’m creating a web app in the pages section. Cloudflare uses “Route matching” and html files redirect pages to their extension-less. The problem is that I have html files with the construction “” which automatically gives me as non-existent. Any page that contains a “.” before the “.html” it gives them as erroneous. There is a way to override the route matching or fix this without changing urls.



The same problem as I met…Is there any way to solve it? :joy:

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I just landed here, with nearly the same problem: my pages do seem to work, but CF responds with redirects when the page with .html is requested. So every request turns into two.

My guess is, this is handy for certain front-end frameworks. (?)

But I (and apparently many others) have already written & configured our sites to expect static pages with the .html extension. We just want our content served without changing it.

So in a nutshell it does not look like CF wants to make Pages into a true static hosting solution. Instead, it’s some kind of ‘smart’ file serving. I’m looking at Netlify and others.

I have the same problem. There is no way to get the route out complete, with its html.