Route matching not working for .html exension

I’m starting to work on my site It’s an old domain I am reusing to put new content.
According to the

If an HTML file is found with a matching path to the current route requested, Pages will serve it. Pages will also redirect HTML pages to their extension-less counterparts: for instance, /contact.html will be redirected to /contact , and /about/index.html will be redirected to /about/ .

I have a page - when I try to access it with a html extension it returns a 404 status.
Route matching works when trying the url without the trailing slash => original URL : OK => URL without trailing slash OK => 404

Based on the docs I imagined the .html url would resolve to /python/python-string-replace and be ok - or am I missing something

For most pages this is not an issue, there are however a few old .html pages that I want to be accessible (redirected would be fine)

I was considering a URL rewrite - and replace the .html extension with a ‘/’ but I don’t see how I could do this without regex which is only included in the business subscription (I’m on free)

I searched for an answer in support / docs , but most questions around route matching are about keeping the html extension, I don’t really care about the extension - I just want the page with the .html redirected to the version with a trailing /

Any suggestions on how to force the .html versions to the extensionless url?

Thank you


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