Route from UK to CloudFlare host goes via MTS (Russian operator)?

www . lostfilm . tv is currently being resolved as - as-per whois it’s a CloudFlare host from AS13335

I’m trying to access from a UK host (Virgin Media network), the route indeed goes and then HTTPS gets redirected to blocked . mts . ru

The above issue leads to unavailability of resource outside of Russia. Not sure how CloudFlare can route offshore traffic to its host through a local (MTS) operator??

There was a similar thread recently, however the OP didnt elaborate on the actual issue, censore

However, nothing of that request goes via Russia. You are most likely routed to one of the British PoPs of Cloudflare and thats where it stops. The redirect to that Russian site will be done by the site itself.

Check out as well. All checkpoints get a 200 except for the British one which receives a 302 redirect. To me this looks as if someone on the site’s side blocks requests from British IP addresses.

It might be best to contact them directly ( or, maybe they can clarify that.

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