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An email tech at GoDaddy changed my DNS back to GoDaddy servers when he set up my RoundCube account. I found this out because my AdSense revenue was next to nothing yesterday. I went to GoDaddy and found that the Cloudflare servers had been removed. I changed them back to CloudFlare servers. Now I am not receiving any email. What do I do to remedy this?

It sounds like you might want to discuss this with GoDaddy, but I guess there might be new/modified records for your email setup in the GoDaddy DNS configuration. If you still have access to that when you log in to GoDaddy, you could identify these and add them manually to your DNS configuration in the Cloudflare dashboard.

These would at a minimum be one or more MX records, pointing out the servers that will accept incoming email. You might also have a “mail” subdomain (or similar) pointing to some webmail interface. There could be other records as well related to SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for example if that has been set up. If the GoDaddy DNS configuration looks too complicated, feel free to share a screenshot and we can help you identify the relevant ones (but contacting GoDaddy is probably the safest approach).

Thank you. I will check it out now.

The topic was resolved. I finally gave in and went with the Microsoft Office 365 email.

It sounds to me like the issue was that you’re proxying some of the mail records.

Free plans can only proxy content on port 443/80, this means that if you attempt to proxy a mail server, Minecraft server or anything else, you will be unable to connect.

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