Round-Robin DNS returns 522 when one of the hosts go down

I set up round-robin DNS according to the “Round-Robin DNS” docs by adding 3 proxied A records. However, when only one of the 3 machines goes down, the proxied domain becomes inaccessible with error 522. There appears to be no retry logic, and is worse than client-side round-robin (unproxied). Am I missing something?

If you leave one of the 3 machines down, will the domain be inaccessible every time you try or only some times?

If you’re on a free plan there is no retry, since the Zero Downtime Failover feature is not included.

Oh I see, I’m on the free plan. That’s definitely why. Though the official docs might be a bit misleading because all buttons under “Select a plan” redirect to the same page:

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