Round Robin A records

I have a domain with 2 IP addresses that I added them as A records in my zone file. A primary A record that starts with 82.x.x.x and a secondary A record that starts with 41.x.x.x. When I added the 41.x.x.x it gets sorted as the first A record to use but not 82.x.x.x

is there anyway I can tell Cloudflare to use one record (82.x.x.x) over the other?

According to the documentation, your setup is Round Robin, even if they’re sorted numerically in your DNS listing. Remember that Round Robin is not the same as failover. What makes you think it’s not doing Round Robin?

Hi sdayman,
Thank you for replying to me! I did the same config as you’ve provided in your reply. When I ping over the domain, I get the 41.x.x.x instead of 82.x.x.x as it numerically sorts them. What I want to achieve in my domain is to use 82.x.x.x as the first IP address instead of the other. Is there anyway I can achieve that or Cloudflare does not support it?

There is no “first” IP, if you have 2 IPs, each of them will have a 50% chance

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