Root IP for domain purchased through Cloudflare

I’m setting up a new reverse proxy. I thought I would skip the middle man of using Godaddy+Cloudflare and get a domain directly from Cloudflare. Not planning on using the domain name for anything more than connecting to my home server.

That being said, do I still need a Root IP for setting up the “A” record? If so, where would I find that as I was not provided one at purchase.


If you want to connect your home server, you need to use your home IP address.

That is issued by your internet provider and you can usually see it in your internet modem’s configuration or by googling what is my ip.

Depending on your plan, the IP address might change as often as daily, so you might need to have a solution in place for automatically updating it.


ahhh. Awesome. Thank you. Yes, I am using cloudflare ddns for the dynamic ip.

Appreciate the quick response. Thanks!


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