Root IP changed (no proxy) still showing CF ip:s

My root A record WAS proxied.
I turned off the proxy, changed the TTL and ip address. Saved. Proxy not enabled.

After one day, the DNS still answere with the Cloudflare IP:s.

I created a new test A record without proxy. Correct ip number shows up right away.

I deleted root A record. Added a new one without proxy.
DNS still report the Cloudflare IP:s…

Just to check, I change the TTL.
DNS reports the new TTL but Cloudflare ip:s.

What did I miss here?

What happens if you remove the record completely?

And/or check the list for any other A or AAAA records at the root domain that have proxy enabled.

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Ah, didn’t think of the AAAA records!
When I disabled the AAAA proxy, it shows the correct ip number! :+1:
Thank you so much, needed more eyes! :smile:

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Excellent, glad to hear it!

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