Root domain vs WWW (Ruled Applied but not working)

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this question in the hope that someone can help me figure it out. I had my root domain originally set up in Godaddy, and I just changed it to Cloudflare. So I added it here on Cloudflare by adding the CNAME root and CNAME www. Then I applied the rule that when someone types it will redirect to This is where I’m so confused… When I type the root on my ‘safari’ on my celphone it does go in fact to the root. When I type it in my ‘chrome’ in my cell phone it does NOT go to my root. It goes to another page ( I have my root domain with some other paths where I have a couple of different pages. Now, on my laptop, when I try ‘safari’ it doesn’t even work at all since it says ‘can’t establish secure connection’ (both root and www). On the other hand, when I type the root on ‘chrome’ it in fact works ok and it does go to the root. But again, I type the www version on Chrome and it does not re-direct to the root. It just goes to one of the other pages I have on my website. Does any one have any tips on how to address this issue? THANK YOU SO MUCH :slight_smile:

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