Root domain --> Shopify , How to add cloudflare to wordpress on subdomain?

Hello All
Im using shopify on the domain root and a wordpress on a subdomain , I tried to add the subdomain to cloudflare but it says I have to add the domain instead, How to add cloudflare to only a subdomain ?

You can’t delegate a subdomain into Cloudflare. The entire domain needs to use Cloudflare DNS. I suppose if you had an Enterprise plan, there’s a chance you could delegate a subdomain in.

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This is true.


Any chance to add cloudflare free plan to shopify ?

You can use CloudFlare to handle your DNS and then point the required DNS settings to Shopify’s servers as per their instructions for 3rd Party domains here: Connecting a third-party domain to Shopify · Shopify Help Center

This would then allow you to use the subdomain on CF too (and any other subdomains etc)

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