Root Domain Resolution, SSL Settings, Page Rules Not Working

We’ve moved our root domain to Cloudflare Registrar and I’m having some troubles finding a reference for configuring our root domain name resolution.

What’s Been Done

  1. Signed up for Free Tier, imported domain DNS records from GoDaddy
  2. Initiated domain transfer.
  3. Completed domain transfer.
  4. DNS and Domain reside with Cloudflare for our root

Environmental Considerations

  1. Our Website is hosted with HubSpot
  2. HubSpot manages the cname www record in our dns

Seeking Assistance on the following now that we’re hosting with Cloudflare

  1. We’re trying to avoid a paid plan because Business is overkill for what we’re trying to accomplish.
  2. I set up 301 redirect page rules for and to redirect to our HubSpot hosted website of but and don’t resolve or redirect properly.
  3. When hosting with GoDaddy, there was an A record pointing our naked domain to a GoDaddy IP address. However, following the domain migration to Cloudflare, no A record exists, and subsequently no root domain resolution. Do we need our root domain to resolve to an A record pointing to an IP address, for Page Rules to work properly and how do I determine what my root domain A record configuration needs to be, when domain hosting with Cloudflare?
  4. I want to use a PCI compliant SSL certificate, however, buying a dedicated SSL wildcard cert from Cloudflare doesn’t allow me to export the certificate and install it on our HubSpot hosted website, or any external location, within the free plan. What’s the recommended practice for obtaining a wildcard pci compliant SSL certificate for use within Cloudflare and outside of Cloudflare, while using Cloudflare free plan?

Generally, seeking guidance on how to get our redirects working and use a PCI compliant wildcard certificate internally with Cloudflare and other external services outside of Cloudflare, please advise.

Hi @turnonHGC,

With the redirect issue, yes you must have an :orange: record for the page rule to function.

With your second question, this may help:

This was helpful @domjh, much appreciated, cheers!

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