Root domain redirect

Hi, I’ve tried searching, but I still seem to be having issues.

I own the domain through CF and works perfectly, however, I can’t get to work.

My understanding is that I need a bulk redirect. But when I try to create it I get the following error

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hello, you may need to put http:// or https:// before the domain. Else it won’t work.

Hope it helps!


Great! thanks

That was accepted. I assume it will take some time to propagate before the redirect works

As long as the record for your apex domain was already in your Cloudflare DNS and set to :orange:, it should begin working immediately.

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Amazing thanks!

Strangely I now get this error.

My DNS looks like this

The domain also uses Cloudflare. Things change when you have names that resolve to other domains that also use Cloudflare. This puts you in an :orange: to :orange: situation. There is a Community #tutorial that explains it further.

Turning :orange: to :grey: will fix www.

Fixing the apex name will be only a little trickier. Delete the CNAME for and replace it with an A record containing Leave it :orange: and the Bulk Redirect should start to work.

Thanks, works fine. It’s that I’m having issues with.

I’ll try the A record

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