Root domain not updating on cache clear

I have updated my index.html, but clearing the cache does not show the new version. All other pages on my site are updating, except the root page.

Example: - this page is showing an old version of the header menu, and old text.

Example: - shows correctly.

The site is in vue, and the menu is created by the app.vue, and both pages use the same app.vue file. I am confused why the cloudflare version of the site is not updating the root of the site.

Ahh! Used the wrong URL. URL in the example should be: - not working correctly - working correctly.

That will be straight from your server. I’d pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) so that you connect directly to your server and fix that on the site.

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Thanks, now I am more confused as to why my s3 bucket is being weird. Local version works perfectly and compiles and builds to s3, so not sure where the issue is.

Pausing will allow you to exclude Cloudflare, then you can check the other parts.

Page is not cached on Cloudflare though.

Thanks again. Was ezoic being silly. It is resolved now! Thank you so much for your help!

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