Root domain delegation outside cloudflare

Hi there, I have many records on my root domain which are hosted in my own nameservers.
The question we have:
after moving my domain to Cloudflare nameservers, Is it possible to use the “NS” record in Cloudflare to forward “any” records to my own glued nameservers?
For example, we have a domain name abc[dot]com and its nameservers are now in Cloudflare.
Then we have which is hosted in Cloudflare as well.
and we have other records (such as customer[dot]abc[dot]com) but are hosted in my own nameservers ns1.[dot]abc[dot]com ns2[dot]abc[dot]com
So what happen if I added 2 records of “IN NS abc[dot]com” to ns1.[dot]abc[dot]com and ns2[dot]abc[dot]com ?
So if someone queried, will Cloudflare forward the query to my nameservers?

Thank you

No, it is not. You can only delegate actual sub-domains. You best remove these NS records as that will lead to misconfigurations.

Yes, if you delegate the records ( to another DNS server they will be answered by that server.

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