Root Certificate

Hello All,

I have created generated a CSR on my server and i have uploaded it to client certificate in Cloudflare.

whenever I try to import the certificate back to my server again it says.

The root CA certificate is required for activation. Import the root certificate from your CA, and try again.

Can you please help me get to my Client Root CA certificate??

I’d say you went to the wrong place in the dashboard.

You need Origin certificates, not Client ones. has all the details.

Hello Sandro,

Thank you for your reply, Actually, I have also tried the origin certificate, it seems that it doesn’t jave the hostname in the Subject name. And I need this certificate for my server to have in it the subject name.

For Example, it must have

I have that present as an A record as : example that points to a specific IPv4 IP and its proxied through Cloudflare

Can you possibly guide me on how to have that?

Yes, Origin certificates list the names only in their SANs but that is no issue.

Just get an Origin certificate with the right hostnames and you are good to go. Should you need the hostname in the common name for some reason, then you could only get a certificate from a publicly trusted CA such as

Here is the steps that I have done, I have generated a CSR on my server then i have uploaded it on origin server, with the host name as an example

It seems that in the certificate it says issued to Cloudflare origin certificate and it doesn’t include my

I have uploaded the certificate that I am talking about.

Sure, that’s exactly what I mentioned.

It has to be something like this (like the one in the select), however, it ends up like that.

What’s unclear about Root Certificate - #4 by sandro?

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