Root address not working



I own the domain
The http:// adresses work correctly. But don’t work. Same problem for http.

ping doesn’t work either.

I have a redirection on my OVH account from to

Do I have something to do on my cludflare account so the web browser reditrect to ?

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Redirect https:// to https://www

There’s no A record set for @. (
Add one the same way you did for www and it should work.

Changes in your OVH DNS panel don’t have any impact as they are not handling the zone.


Thank you Mark for your answer.
I don’t think that I have an A record :

Can you point me to a tutorial where I can learn how to do it ?

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Add a CNAME for @ (just the At symbol) and make it an alias for (I think that’s what you’re using). And set it to :orange:


Hi sdayman,

Thank you for your answer.
When I use the @ symbol, thye domain name is automatically used.

Here you can see how it’s defined :

ping still doesn’t work.

Any idea ?
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Sorry, I forgot to explain that’s the expected result. Now your root domain has an address. I can now ping

However, when I visit the root domain, I get a “Doesn’t Exist” error from ooo.
When I visit the www, I get a 500 service error.

When using a CNAME, the server at the other end needs to be configured to accept requests for www and the root name. Right now, it’s probably only set up for www.

If you can’t get the server to respond to the root name, you can work around this:

  1. Delete that CNAME entry for the root domain
  2. Use an A record instead: (this is the IP address of that odoo server. Set it to :orange:
  3. Add a page rule: Match and URL forward it to with a 301 code.


I think I’m getting close, thank you !

How did you get the IP address ?

When I ping, I get the address given by cloudflare :

I still replaced the CNAME by the A entry. It seems to work, but just doiesn’t point to an existing address

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It looks like you didn’t add the Page Rule to redirect to

Do this in the Cloudflare Page Rules section.


Works like a charm !

Thank you very much :+1::+1::+1:

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