Root A record not resolving

I am having some issues configuring page rules and a root A record for a friend. I have added a root A record pointing to a 192.x.x.x address and set the record to Proxied. I have then gone to Page Rules and configured a new page rule that redirects* to$1 however I am constantly getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Chrome and when doing a ping/dig I’m getting no record found?

Domain in question is which resolves if you do but doesn’t resolve if you do

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I believe I have solved my issue. I followed this guide which advised to use the IP which although proxied didn’t seem to do anything.

Changing the record to something like seems to have made the record show up in Dig

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Hi @NicoR21 ,

I am not seeing any issue I am able to open your website without any error :arrow_right: Working ✓ :arrow_right: Working ✓ :arrow_right: Working ✓

Yes you had fixed Congrats on that :bouquet:


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You need to start with making sure you have a DNS A record with the name @ and then use an IP address. You can use the one in my solution but you need to ensure the orange cloud ‘Proxied’ is turned on.

Once this is done, go to Page Rules and create a new rule that says* Forwarding URL to$1

In the examples above you need to make sure that replace with your domain. Allow 5 minutes then it should start replicating.

If you get stuck then follow the guide in my solution above.

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