Rookie Question - A name record

Hi there, I am moving my commerce website over to Shopify from Lightspeed. My developer entered our domain into the A records Name section. It has been over 48 hours and when I type in my web address I am still taken to my old site.
I wonder if the A name should be changed to “@” instead of the domain name?
Thanks to anyone who can help - this is so far out of my wheelhouse!

I presume this is the previous design, right?

If so, your developer only updated the “www” record but not the naked domain. He’ll want to update the record for the naked domain as well in that case.

Or, you implement the “to www” redirect from #tutorials.

Thanks Sandro! That is actually the new domain. So goes to the old domain, and goes to the new one. I want everything to go to the new one. My developer is telling me that if I disconnect my old site then everything will go to the new site, but I ma very nervous about that!

All right, your DNS settings seem to be accurate, actually. The server returns different content for the two hostnames. I am afraid that’s something you need to clarify with your host or developer.

oy thank you, my developer says all is good and to just disconnect my old site and all will be well (which is scaring the sh*t out of me).
Can I ask you just one last question: in the A record, is @ the proper thing to put in the Name field or should I leave it with ? Or does it make no difference?
Thanks again for your help!!

@ is a placeholder for your actual domain. You can write either there.

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